Recycling my jeans

The other day I was at work and discovered a hole in my jeans, not fixable though. So I decided to recycle the jeans into some phone and iPad sleeves.

I used different fabric designs on the inside and some lace on the outside, and a wooden button and some elastic cord to close the sleeves with and keep the phones/tablets inside and safe.


7 March 2017 – HOME

When do you call a place home? I tell people I’ve been back home (in the Netherlands) since 5 weeks but I also left home 5 weeks ago. 5 Weeks ago I left Sydney, mainly because my visa had expired and there wasn’t any other option.

But I call both places home, not just the place I was born and where my family lives, but also the place where I found a home, where I found friends and a place to belong. So no matter which way I travel, I always go home :).

The Netherlands will be home again for a short season and my plan is to go back home to Sydney by September. You never know how much of a plan will really happen, in my experience sometimes not a whole lot (even though I’m always convinced it was a perfect plan, God always seems to know better haha ;)) I’ll keep you posted on how the plan progresses ;).