When God tells you to rest…

What would happen if God told you to rest??? Not just a day of rest, but a season of rest. This is exactly what He told me to do at the beginning of my summer break from college. Not just taking rest during the break, but actually a season of rest without returning to college… I don’t know what you’re response would be, but I knew immediately that it was from God, because I wouldn’t come up with something like that (which probably got me in the situation I’m in and why I have to take this period of rest). And so I quickly decided to obey, to take this time off college and actually plan time to rest and this time really recharge for whatever is ahead. 

And it struck me that Jesus actually tells us to come to Him when we’re weary and tired and that He will give us rest. But somehow I always felt that as He will give us in whatever we’re doing, not He will give us actual rest. But God was pretty clear when He told me this and so I had to chance my view on God about this! God really has the best for me and if I need to rest He will tell me to rest. It’s ok to have a day where you do nothing and rest, it’s not ok when you don’t really know how to handle a day like that because you have been to busy for 7 years now… 

I don’t know what this season will bring, but I know it’s gonna be good because this is according to His plan! I know it’s gonna be challenging because that’s how He likes to do things. But I also know it’s gonna be filled with discovery, joy and rest! 

If I go ever go back to college?? I don’t know! God asked me my full commitment at the beginning of last year and that’s what I intend to give Him! Wherever and whenever He leads me I want to follow Him! 

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