“I stared at the wall, people behind me but I was not allowed to look behind me. They took pictures of me, they laughed, I couldn’t tell why… My hands tight behind my back, my mouth covered. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, only when they told me to move. I wasn’t sure what would happen next, where they would take me and what I would have to do…”

These were some of my thoughts last week when I was in a photoshoot to raise awareness for human trafficking. When I stood there and they were taking pictures, I actually realised that there are actually women that are in these situations for real, and they have to do things way worse than just pose for a photo. They actually don’t have a voice and they have a small change to get out of their situation. And exactly that’s why I helped with this shoot, to raise awareness about this and support the people who actually do something to help these women.
But the shoot also made me think about my freedom in Christ. How this freedom sometimes can become a familiarity, something I don’t live by consciously every day. I might never have been (Thank God!) in this particularly situation as the one during the shoot, but I have been living in slavery, in slavery of sin. And it’s exactly that situation of bondage that Jesus set me free from. And He paid a high price for me, something I so often tend to forget. Not only did Jesus leave heaven and all His majesty and became a human, He gave His life. Life.. something that we are willing to fight for with all that is within us.
“It’s for freedom that Christ set us free!” (Galatians 5:1)
So if Jesus gave everything for my freedom, apparently my freedom is a big deal, not because it’s mine, but because it actually allows us to live in a relationship with God again. And if my freedom is that much worth, I might reconsider how lightly I take it sometimes. Jesus gave His life to gain my freedom, now I want to devote my life living in this freedom and don’t let a day pass by that I don’t thank Him for this freedom AND help others find Freedom!

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