Wet cement

“Hey Anja! Just a question: could you babysit our children next week?”

A question I got asked a lot over the last 10 years. And if I got a possibility, I would love to do it. And still, sometime three nights in a row, every night somewhere else.

Two of my small 'Big' friends!

Two of my small ‘Big’ friends!

And so, over the years I got to have a lot of ‘little’ friends. But why do I do this and with so much pleasure? And why am I going to Australia to study Pastoral Leadership in Kidsministry?

Kids touch my heart. The more conscious I am about that, the more my heart is touched. I believe God put this in my heart, but what exactly touches my heart and what do I do with it?

“My daddy doesn’t just pray when he is preaching!”

These comments make me laugh. The world for kids is so straightforward and logic.

“(At a family I babysit a lot, but not this time). ‘Calls’ me to tell me that someone else is babysitting that night.”

This touches me, apparently we have a friendship in which he likes to let me know what’s going on when I’m not there.

“When the kids heard you were coming, they cheered, because you play games with them.”

It is impossible to let this not touch your heart and makes me happy.

But my heart is also touched by injustice done to children. It makes me mad, because how unjust is it that children are so often victims of violence and injustice. It makes me mad if I read about how many girls are sold and have to work as a prostitute. It makes me mad if I hear boys are recruited and forced to be soldiers.

It makes me cry to see how many children are neglected, victims of parents with more attention for their busy carriers than their children. Children who miss out on love and attention from the ones that ment to give this to them, their parents. It touches my heart if a child lights up just by calling him by his name, it makes me wonder how often does this child hear someone calling him by his name? How often will people around let him know that they see, really see, him and that he is love for who he is?


That’s why!

Because my heart is touched by all of this, I want to do something with that. I want to create a place where children will find healing and restoration in the love of God. A place where they are seen, where they can grow up to be men and women of God, who will share Gods love in return at the places God places them.

Last month I read a book of Wess Stafford (To small to ignore), this book gave me a renewed desire and passion to work with children and it made me aware again how important the first twelve years of your life are. In his book Wess describes the soul of children as wet cement, an imprint is easily made, but the older children grow the harder it will become to change or make an imprint.

And that’s why I want to work with children, because so many souls already have to much of a negative imprint, that I want to create possibilities and places for God to make a positive, indelible imprint of His love in their souls. And that’s why I go to Australia, to be educated to create this possibilities. I want to do something with what God placed in my heart, I want to distribute God’s love to the smallest among us.

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