Saying Goodbye

And now I say goodbye. I let go of AIA to go on a new journey. That’s what you taught me, going for new adventures, see new places and discover new things about myself. I’m looking forward for all the new things coming, but I let go of AIA with a little pain in my heart.”</blockquote>
Yesterday, at the Christmas party at the AIA-office, I said my official goodbye and with that my time with AIA is officially ended. The speech they gave me, beautiful words were spoken about my growth and development during my time with AIA and about the person I have become over this last four years. Continue reading

Wet cement

“Hey Anja! Just a question: could you babysit our children next week?”

A question I got asked a lot over the last 10 years. And if I got a possibility, I would love to do it. And still, sometime three nights in a row, every night somewhere else.

Two of my small 'Big' friends!

Two of my small ‘Big’ friends!

And so, over the years I got to have a lot of ‘little’ friends. But why do I do this and with so much pleasure? And why am I going to Australia to study Pastoral Leadership in Kidsministry? Continue reading