New Season

It is time for a new season. Last month the weather was clearly in a transition, with rainy days as a prospect of the coming season, but also sunny days as a retrospect to the last season. Fall hasn’t completely set in yet, but summer is over, the seasons are in transition.

That’s how I feel lately. I am in a transition period. You might wonder what transition I’m going through? Well, I’ll quit my job at Athletes in Action at December 1st. Anjainaction will come to an end and new things are waiting!

I always had the desire to make a difference in the lives of children. At the beginning of this year I felt this desire again and asked God what He wanted me to do with it. God told me it was time now to take some new steps and leave Athletes in Action.
So new steps? In January I’ll go to Australia of a year to go to Hillsong College, Pastoral Leadership in Kidsministry.
‘And after that?’ You might think. Well, to be honest, I have no clue. It’s all open, so I can end up anywhere, I want to follow God wherever He will lead me.

About that transition period. The difficult thing about season transitions is that everything is just not it. It isn’t summer anymore, but it’s not yet fall. Like the weather last weeks, that’s how my life felt the last weeks. There are warm, sunny days, on which I really enjoy everyone and everything around me. On these days I realise how blessed I am and how precious everything is. But there are also cloudy, stormy days, on which I’m sad about everything I leave behind when I leave for Australia.
But I also feel the transition period at my work, I’m still working for Athletes in Action, but I’m not really part of the organisation anymore. They are busy preparing a new season, where I am finishing up my work.

But just like in every season, God is with me also in this season transition. God reminds me often that He is there and that He carries me if I can’t walk anymore. And He tells me that it’s alright to experience this as frightening without being afraid. So I am going forward, towards a new adventure with God. And He promises me that with Him can advance against a troop and with Him I can scale a wall. So a journey to Australia mustn’t be a problem :D.

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